Hashtag K offers different services

Below, you can see all services offered by Hashtag K. All services can be adjusted to fit your needs.

How can I help you?

I can help you in different ways with your Social Media. Of course we decided which service fits the best, according to your needs. 

Social Media Management

Do you have no clue on where to start with social media? I am more than happy to take this off your plate, and will start building a strong online social presence.

Coaching op sociale media

Do you want to remain in control of your socials, but have urgent questions about social media? Or would you like to learn more on how you can approach social media from a business perspective? If this is you, social media coaching is the best option for you!

Influencer Marketing

Are you interested in increasing the online reach of your brand by using influencers? I can help you by managing a campaign from start till finish.

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