Influencer Marketing

Discover the power of Influencers

How influencers can grow your brand. 

Influencer Marketing

Influencers: whether they have a large or a small following, they can help generating more awareness for your brand. Essential elements for a succesful campaign are the insights of the influencer, the match with the brand and the tone of voice of the influencer.

Many entrepreneur already know it: influencer marketing is hot and happening. But how do you tackle an influencer marketing campaign? With a lot of experience in regard to managing influencer marketing campaigns I am the girl you need.

I will help you with:

  • Influencer selection
  • Contact and arrangements with the influencers
  • Extensive report including the results of the campaign, with media values.

Many business owners struggle with the value of Influencers. A campaign is not for free, but how do you see the ROI (return on investment)?
With a clear and extensive report, you do not only see a recap of the campaign, but I also include the insights and values. So you can see all results in one report.

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Plan of action

Influencer Marketing

social media coaching

Research & Selection

I will conduct research to find influencers that fit with your brand. You can select your own selection from this list. 

social media coaching


The selected influencers will be contacted and the negotiations will start. 


Briefing & execution

A briefing will be created and shared with the influencers, whereas they will start the content creation process. 

social media coaching

Campaign report

In a clear PDF report you’ll find all results of the campaign explained into detail.

The approach and size of the campaign is dependent on what you envision. I would love to discuss this, and provide advice. 

Influencer Marketing Campaign

Influencer Marketing Campaign from start until finish, all aspects taken care of (start, management, completion). Including research and selection, negotiations, creation of briefing, supervision on content creation and extensive campaign report. 


Starting price, excluding VAT

*= excluding Influencer fees

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