The kickstart for your Instagram

A tailor-fit strategy made by an expert, so you can start achieving your goals. 

Are you ready to lift your Instagram to the next level? 
Ready to get all the potential out of Instagram?


There is a lot of information available in regards to Instagram for businesses. But to implement it into your own business often remains a burden. I’ll help you out with the first steps, by handing you the right tools to #getstarted.


With #getstarted you know exactly what to do to use the full potential of Instagram. You know what type of content to create, which hashtags to use, how to optimize your profile and how to increase your visibility. 

These tools provide your business a kickstart for growth and attracting your ideal clients. 

This is for you, if..

  • You just started your business, and have no clue on how to position your brand on Instagram.
  • You would like to increase your reach and online visibility.
  • You know (nearly) all features of Instagram, but do not know how to use them strategically.
  • You find it difficult to translate your mission and vision into a strategy.
  • You want a clear plan of action, without too much jargon or abracadabra. 

The method



Quick-fire questions

In an online call, you tell me all about who you are, what you do, what your business stands for, and your goals. 




With the help of the Instagram Scan, I’ll analyze your Instagtram profile and provide you focus points so you can optimize your profile. 


Strategy development

I’ll start creating a strategy for you, which enables you to work on your goals and achieve success.


Hashtag research

I’ll start researching hashtags in order to create 3 custom hashtag sets for your business, which help to increase your reach.



I’ll provide you all the documents created. In the final Q&A the tables have turned: you get to ask me all the questions, so you’ll fully understand all ins & outs of your new strategy, so you can #getstarted.

BONUS: Custom Templates

If you order during October 2021, you’ll receive a bonus of 3 custom templates, so you can use them in your content creation process. 

mockups templates


1What type of templates are included in the bonus?

The templates you will receive are focused on the content pillars included in the strategy. It could be the case that the templates are created for Instagram posts, but in agreement we could change this to a template for stories or reels (covers). 

2Is it possible to prepare the quick-fire questions? (take a peek into the questions?)

If you feel the need to: yes you absolutely can! Let me know that you would like to see the questions ahead of our session in the request. However, don't worry too much about the questions! The main takeaway from this session is that I learn more about your business. 

3What type of focus points can I expect from the Instagram Scan?

The Instagram Scan lets me analyse your Instagram profile. I will look into different elements, such as your profile picture, highlight, captions, content, bio, etc. 

Click here for more information on the Instagram Scan.

4Are we doing the Instagram Scan together, or will I receive the scan from you and ask questions about it in the Q&A?

I'll conduct the Instagram Scan for you. You'll receive this in a video format, where I'll explain to you what to focus on with the use of a voice-over. If you still have any questions about the Instagram Scan, or things remain unclear: you are free to ask me anything during the Q&A!

5Do you provide a general strategy or custom, and do you provide clear recommendations on what to do?

I do not believe in one-size-fits-all. So a general strategy won't come to play in #getstarted. The strategy you'll receive is fully aligned with your business and your goals.  With this come clear recommendations. An example of the recommendations are the custom content pillars. 

6Why 3 hashtag sets? Do they differ in categories or themes?

To please the algorithm, it is advised to rotate the hashtags that you use. Therefore I'll provide you 3 different hashtag sets in different categories/themes.  In this way you'll always have a hashtag set that fits with your post. 

7What can I do with the hashtag sets?

You can use the hashtag sets in your caption, to increase your reach.

8Is the Q&A one-time only? Or can I ask you questions later on as well?

The Q&A session is a one-time element to end the #getstarted process.  Does a question pop-up in your mind later on? You can always ask me your question by email or Instagram DM.  Do you have multiple questions and need a little bit of extra help? Then I would recommend you to book a Power Hour.  

9What do you mean by template?

A template is a custom made design for you business in Canva, which you can adjust yourself easily. You can change the colors, elements, texts, etc. Would you like to insert a photo or a video? That's possible as well.  If you have any specific questions on the usage of the templates, you can always ask me during the Q&A. 

10What does the #getstarted process entail?

The process of #getstarted is visible in the blocks above. We start with a quick-fire question round, where i'll get to know you and your business.  After this I'll start with the Instagram Scan, Strategy development and Hashtag Research.  I'll provide you with all these documents, and we will schedule the final Q&A call. During this Q&A call you can ask me everything in regard to the documents, or other aspects. 

11Is there room for feedback while creating the strategy? For example, if I do not like the direction you are going into?

Definetly! My goal is to provide you with a plan that feels right for you. That's why I'll first provide you with an outline of the strategy. After you approved this, I'll finish the outline by transforming it into a detailed  strategy. 

12I don't have an Instagram profile yet, can I still use #getstarted?

Absolutely. The only thing I cannot fully do is the Instagram Scan. However, I can provide some main focus points for you, when you set-up your profile. 

13Is it possible to receive #getstarted for a different platform? (Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn)?

#getstarted is fully focused on Instagram. Despite improving my skills and learning more and more about different platforms, I (unfortunately) lack the knowledge of these platforms (Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn), to call myself an expert. If you feel like you need a strategy for a different platform, please reach out to me. I can connect you with some of my colleagues who are experts in their fields. 

14When will I receive all documents included in #getstarted?

From the quick-fire question round start, I aim to provide all documents to you within 2-3 weeks. After this, we will schedule a Q&A call. 



Exlcuding VAT

The all-in-one package for the entrepreneur who wants to kickstart their Instagram. With #getstarted you’ll receive a custom-made strategy for Instagram, fully aligned with the mission, vision and goals of your business. Next to the strategy, you’ll receive an Instagram Scan to optimize your profile, and a hashtag research with 3 hashtag sets to increase your reach.

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