22 July 2021

Why engagement pods do not work.

Why engagement pods don’t work. In this blog, I’ll explain to you what Engagement pods are, and why they don’t work. Last year, I successfully finished […]
20 July 2021

What is Instagram Engagement + how to improve it

What is Instagram Engagement? + How you can improve this. Engagement: it’s a term used many times in the online world. It officially belongs to the […]
16 July 2021

Camera shy? 6 tips on how to feel more comfortable showing yourself online.

Cameraschuw? 6 Tips to get comfortable in front of the camera. Are you scared of showing yourself online? Scared of a selfie as a post, filming […]
22 June 2021

Instagram Reels: the Dos and Don’ts

Instagram Reels: Do’s & Dont’s Instagram Reels: they are hot and happening! This (fairly) new feature of Instagram has been used quite much, and with success. […]
22 June 2021

4 Reasons on why to start with Instagram Reels

4 Reasons on why to start creating Instagram Reels. Instagram Reels is the new feature of Instagram. Despite the new-ness of the function, it does not […]
7 June 2021

5 crucical misconceptions on Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing: 5 crucial misconceptions Influencer Marketing is hot and happening. However, there are many misconceptions going around, about this particular type of marketing. I’ll explain […]
7 June 2021

4 daily to-do’s for Instagram growth

4 daily to-do’s for Instagram Growth Many entrepreneurs feel overwhelmed by social media. A lot of people tell them to be online every day, or every […]
11 May 2021

5 Instagram Highlight Ideas

5 ideas for your Instagram Highlights If you landed on this page, it looks like you want to tackle your  Instagram Highlights. Welcome, you are at […]
29 April 2021

5 content pillars for your social media content strategy

Content pillars for your social media strategy Are you looking for some grip in your social media content strategy?  So you won’t stare at your screen […]
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